TUO New 180 View Panoramic GoPro Compatible Foldable Snorkel Mask Full Face Snorkeling Swimming Diving Mask

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• Material : PC (Snorkel & Mask) + Liquid Silicon(Skirt) + Spandex  Nylon(Head Strap)
• Size:  S/M, L/XL

Features & Advantages:
• Cylindrical Moveable Valve, it effectively stops salt water from coming in.
• Extremely Wide Inhale exit, will supply more oxygen.
• TUO Innovative V backstop technology this distinguish the breathing channels and prevents users from experiencing dizziness.
• Flexible nose fitting technology, prevents side leakage of the exhaled air, anti-fogging.
• 3d adaptive mask(skirt) technology, fits to different face shapes and sizes, comfortable to use, prevents water from coming in.
• Streamlined mask design, decrease resistance and scratch; visibility is excellent due to the 180 wide field of view.
• Foldable snorkel, easy pack

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